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Moving to Edmonton

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Genevieve and I are moving back to Edmonton! We'll be there in June.

It's been a real trip ripping it up in Toronto for the past nearly-seven years. This city lit a fire under my butt creatively and I feel there's been a ton of personal growth because of it. When we first moved here in 2014 the hustle was real in my quest to survive as an illustrator. And somehow I did! I also got into running, we got a dog, and along the way I also found myself more and more interested in computer programming, tinkering away on little projects and eventually deciding to jump into the deep end and apply to grad school. A few years later here I am today: a weird hybrid illustrator computer-interested thingamajig. Thanks Toronto!

Was the pandemic a factor in our decision to move back? Probably. It definitely made us realize how much we miss our family and friends. But truth is Genevieve and I have always talked about moving back to Alberta ever since we moved away. It was just a matter of time, really. Toronto's been great to us and there's no doubt that we'll miss it big time. But it's never truly felt like home home, y'know?

Mostly we're bummed out that, because of this third-wave of the pandemic, we won't be able to say goodbye to all our friends in-person before we leave. We'll miss you!!!

Things about Toronto I will miss:

Things about Toronto I won't miss: